Fresh Step Cat Litter, Scoopable, Multi Cat, Scented 2 Ea

34 lb! Carbon + plant extracts. Eliminate odors, naturally! Improved odor control. Fresh Step. Freshens with every step. Paw Points rewards. Visit to start earning free rewards today! Eliminates odors, naturally. Powered by carbon & plant extracts to keep even multiple-cat households smelling fresh and clean. Multi-Cat Formula: Powerful odor control for the busiest litter boxes. Activated Carbon: Traps and eliminates odors 24/7. Plant Extracts: Paw-activated to neutralize airborne odors. Collect points. Shop for free. 1. Collect Paw Points from package side. 2. Redeem Paw Points online at 3. Shop for free. Choose from a variety of gifts for you and your cat, valuable coupons and more! Please recycle empty box. Paper box. Please visit our website at Made in the USA.

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