Cedarific Cat Litter, Soft 15 Lb

Superior Odor Control: High absorption, aromatic cedar chips. All Natural: Eco-friendly and biodegradable wood fibers. Lightweight: Easy to carry and use. Cedarific is a blend of locally sourced and renewable hardwood and cedar wood fiber. All Natural: Contains no chemical additives, made only of eco-friendly wood fibers. Lightweight: Easy to carry, pour, store and clean the litter box. Cedarific's wood fibers are exceptionally light, making litter waste much easier to discard than heavy cat litters. Tip! Place mat in front of litter box to help reduce tracking. Superior Odor Control: Unlike other cat litters, Cedarific uses no synthetic fragrances. And Cedarific's natural, aromatic cedar chips absorb odors better than clay litters while cedar leaves a clean, refreshing scent. Dust Free: Unlike clay cat litters, Cedarific contains no silica to break down into silica dust. Soft Texture: Soft wood fibers are pleasing to and gentle on all cats and kittens. Cats take quickly to Cedarific. If your cat shows initial reluctance to use this cat litter, simply mix in a small amount of your old litter. After the first week this will no longer be necessary. Satisfaction Guarantee: We want you to be 100% satisfied with Cedarific. If for any reason you're not, we'll send you a refund up to ten dollars. For a refund, please send in writing the reason(s) you are dissatisfied with Cedarific along with the bag's UPC barcode and the register tape showing the amount paid to: President NEPCO PO Box 98 Warrensburg, NY 12885. We welcome any questions, comments or suggestions concerning Cedarific. www.nep-co.com 800 8Pet Bed (800-873-8233). NEPCO: Eco-friendly. Animal approved. All natural. Superior odor control. Lightweight. Made in USA from locally sourced and renewable wood fibers.

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