Cosmic Catnip Cat Scratcher, Incline, Alpine Climb 1 ea

Redirects scratching from furniture while grooming claws. Reversible for double the scratching life. Ideal angle for scratching. The best catnip in the universe! Genuine Cosmic Catnip. North American grown. Strong, aromatic fragrance. Stimulates playful behavior. 100% natural catnip. Why cats scratch: Cats' claws continue to grow throughout their lives. Periodically, the base of each nail is encased in a scaly outer layer or sheath. This scaly sheath causes them discomfort when they retract their claws. Scratching is the cat's natural method of removing the sheath to maintain healthy claws. In nature, cats will scratch trees or logs, so in the house, cats often turn to furniture as a substitute. Sprinkling a generous amount of genuine Cosmic Catnip onto the scratcher will encourage frequent scratching and redirect the behavior from the furniture to the scratcher. Why use a Cosmic Catnip Scratcher: Cosmic Catnip Scratchers provide cats with a scratching surface they can't resist and are reversible for double the scratching life. Cats appreciate the nooks and crannies in the corrugated cardboard that help them groom their claws as they scratch. The alpine angle allows for natural stretching and scratching while the toy is a fun bonus for playful cats. Cosmic Catnip has been grown to achieve the strongest, most aromatic catnip ever produced. Cosmic Catnip scratchers include Cosmic Catnip for the perfect solution in claw maintenance. Cats and furniture can live in complete harmony! When you think catnip, think Cosmic! Catnip is an herb that grows naturally in the environment. Catnip is considered safe for animals and humans. We recommend that Cosmic Catnip is used exclusively by cats. It has been selectively grown for your cat's pleasure. Our catnip is not intended for human consumption. Monitor play. Earth Smart: Packaging made from recyclable paper. Product made from recyclable materials. Please recycle. Public company symbol: OPCO (OTC BB). Made in USA.

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