Archived The Goodlife Recipe W/Real Chicken Brown Rice & Garden Greens Dry Cat Food 3 Lb Bag

Made with real chicken, brown rice & garden greens. No artificial flavors or preservatives; no sugar; no fillers. Made with natural ingredients. A wholesome recipe thoughtfully prepared. What were we thinking? It's hard for pets to enjoy the good life if they're not getting the good stuff. So as cat-loving people ourselves, we've set out to make a recipe with only the best ingredients. We think about what goes in that bowl, even more than they do. Then we fill it up with real chicken, milk, whole grains, and veggies. Nothing complicated. Just a wholesome recipe thoughtfully prepared. But, done right, that recipe makes their whiskers curl. And our mouths smile. It's just that simple, if you really think about it. Real natural chicken and skim milk, rich in protein and calcium, for lean muscle mass and strong teeth and bones. High-quality protein and taurine cats need to help maintain a healthy heart and eyes. Natural whole grain brown rice, packed with vitamins and minerals that promote overall good health. Wholesome grains, naturally rich in fiber and essential fatty acids, for healthy digestion and a shiny coat. Natural garden greens, rich in iron and folic acid, to help ensure proper metabolism. Colorful vegetables, naturally providing powerful antioxidants, to help build a healthy immune system. These natural ingredients (and more!) are selected from the 6 wholesome ingredient groups your cat needs, not only to enjoy food in perfect balance, but to enjoy life the same way. The Goodlife Recipe Food for cats with real chicken, brown rice & garden greens is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.

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