FANCY FEAST Medleys Cat Food, Turkey, Wet, Adult

Satisfy your cat's cravings for rich poultry flavors with Purina Fancy Feast Medleys Tender Turkey Tuscany wet cat food. Tender bites of succulent turkey make this gourmet wet cat food a feast for her taste buds, and the savory gravy balances out this recipe for a delectable finishing touch. Colorful accents of garden greens and long grain rice serve as a visual cue that a delicious meal awaits your beloved cat, and the soft texture is sure to tempt her to her dish. Each serving contains essential vitamins and minerals to support her overall health and wellness, so you can feel good about the foods you serve her each day. Watch her scamper toward the sound of the can opening, and let her revel in the delicious goodness found in every bite. For cats that love different flavors and textures in their diets, sample our other Fancy Feast Medleys varieties, and give her a gourmet dining experience each and every day.

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