Grand Mere Egg Pasta, Organic, Whole Grain, Nests No. 4 8.8 Oz

100% organic free-range egg pasta. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by ECOCERT France SAS. 7 mins. Our Roots: Grand-Mere is an independent family owned enterprise that hails from Alsace the fame French region along the German borcer. We've been making pasta using the same family recipes for three generations! Why egg pasta? Making pasta with eggs is a tradition in France. The cage-free organic eggs not only give us a unique flavor to our nests, they also help absorb more water than traditional pasta, making it the tastier and more nutritious option! (Eggs are also a great source of protein). Our pasta tastes great with just a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of coarse salt! What's better than wheat fields Organic wheat fields! Our pasta is made only with organic durum wheat semolina that we choose based on the quality of the harvest. Grand-Mere means Grandmother in French. This grand-mere is wearing the traditional coiffe, from Alsace, where our pasta has been made for generations. The Nest no. 4 is a Grand-Mere classic. At a width of 4 mm. It's perfect for delicate pasta dishes. Cook it for 7 mins for perfect firmness. Cage-free organic eggs:that's what makes Grand-Mere so special. To make the tastiest nests, we use three organic eggs per kilo of pasta. For any consumer inquiries please contact us at gm(at) or call 847-720 9090. Made in France with love. From France.

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