Del Grosso Ultra-Premium Pasta Sauce Aunt Mary Ann's Sunday Marinara

Del Grosso™ Ultra-Premium Pasta Sauce Aunt Mary Ann's Sunday Marinara. Since 1914 America's Oldest Family Saucemaker*. La Famiglia. Aunt Mary Ann's Sunday Marinara. "The very best of an Italian classic". Sunday has always been a special day in the Del Grosso family. It's a day to relax after a week of hard work and celebrate our blessings as one large family. Our Aunt Mary Ann believes in tradizione and insists that on Sundays, only the best will do-especially when it comes to pasta sauce. "In pontecorvo, Italy my grandmother marinara made her special marinara sauce with fresh garden tomatoes and herbs. I'm proud to bear her name and keep the tradition of her sauce alive". *Del Grosso foods is the oldest major family-owned producer of pasta sauce in America. Ferdinand and Mafalda Del Grosso raised four sons and three daughters, through whom the sauce making tradition continues... Gluten free. GMO free. No sugar added.

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