Delallo Gnocchi Whole Wheat Potato

Since 1950. Needs no refrigeration. Imported Italian. The gnocchi (Italian Dumpling) originates from the northern Italian Province of Lombardy. These potato and flour based dumplings were handmade for centuries in the peasant kitchens. In early times gnocchi were made by hand with each individual dumpling being formed with care and precision. This time honored tradition was passed on to each generation ensuring the authenticity of the recipe. Gnocchi are enjoyed in many ways from a simple butter, sage & Parmigiano Reggiano saute to complex cream sauces. DeLallo follows this tradition by bringing to you a true whole wheat potato gnocchi made with hearty whole grain and potato puree. We at DeLallo are proud to offer our customers this product as well as other true authentic Italian foods. Thank you & enjoy. Produced & packed in Italy. Made in Italy.

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