Bobs Red Mill Heritage Beans, Orca

You can see our quality. An employee-owned company. To your good health - Bob Moore. Pacific Northwest grown. A small and tasty heirloom bean, gorgeously dappled in black and white. High in fiber and iron, orca beans are terrific in salads, soups and side dishes. Dear friends, I can remember learning about the glories of beans when I was a young lad in grammar school. Just before spring holiday, our teacher gave us glass jars filled with soil and a handful of brightly colored beans. I pressed those living seeds into the dirt and when we returned a week later, we were astounded by the sight of the green shoots that had sprung forth. My sense of wonder with beans, their pleasant flavors and healthful bounty thrives on in my line of Heritage Beans. These beautiful Orca Beans caught my eye while visiting our growers in Moses Lake, Washington. The farmer cracked open a freshly picked pod and revealed the astonishing black and white beans nestled inside. We cooked a pot that night for supper, and the next morning I brought his entire crop. I hope that you will delight in this providential union of seed, earth, water and sun by cooking a hearty portion for you and yours. To your good health, - Bob Moore. Find delicious recipes at

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