Devour Sharp Cheddar Mac & Cheese And Bacon 4 Oz

Ziti drenched in a thick, gooey sharp cheddar cheese sauce topped with hearty pieces of crispy bacon. Macaroni and cheese dinner kit. We welcome your comments. Please save the packaging with you when you call. Phone Us: 1-800-255-5750, Monday-Friday. Write Us: Devour Foods LLC, 200 E. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60601. Visit us online: Please recycle this sleeve. DEVOUR Sharp Cheddar Mac & Cheese with Bacon dials up the taste, maxes out the flavor and turns up the texture with this easy to make single serve bowl of cheesy noodles. This decadent mac and cheese bowl is sure to satisfy big appetites. This 4 ounce treat is packed with perfectly cooked ziti pasta drenched in thick, gooey sharp cheddar cheese sauce and topped with plenty of crispy bacon pieces. Ready to eat in under 5 minutes, this delectable mac and cheese with bacon is simple to prepare in the microwave. DEVOUR pre-cooked foods are shelf stable, making it easy to enjoy hot, mouthwatering food at home or in the break room, so be sure to keep your pantry stocked with deliciousness. Show your taste buds a good time and enjoy deliciously decadent cheesy pasta with bacon.

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