4 servings (makes four 1 cup servings). Cooking kit with brown basmati rice & red quinoa and spice blend. Just add chicken. 30 minutes. Non-GMO. Made by moms. Certified B Corporation. Dinner Hero to the rescue! Solve what's for dinner? with an easy culinary experience that turns simple ingredients into a flavorful meal for 4 people in 30 minutes. What's Inside: custom spice blend with roasted garlic, soy sauce & green onions; brown basmati rice & red quinoa. Made by Moms: As busy moms, we understand life is a balancing act. While juggling the demands of work and parenting, it can be tough to whip up a wholesome meal in minutes. That's why we created Dinner Hero - to provide busy families with a dinner option that makes you cook like a culinary hero and nourish your family. A decade ago, we started Revolution Foods with the mission to create lifelong healthy eaters across America. We began by providing fresh meals to students in public schools. Now, we've expanded our offering to include great tasting and nourishing foods in grocery stores. With every Revolution Foods product you purchase, we donate 1% of sales to help underserved schools provide fresh meals. Thanks for supporting our food revolution! - Kristin & Kirsten, founding moms. How do you Hero? Share your hero moments & dinner creations at revolutionfoods; (hashtag)dinnerhero. Contact us: 1-844-234-Kidz. Made from ingredients not genetically engineered. Carton made from 100% recycled fiber content, minimum 35% post-consumer material. Please recycle.

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