Mc Cormick Basil & Oregano, Garlic & Sea Salt All Purpose Seasoning 3.25 Oz

Herby, slightly sweet and fragrant, our Basil and Oregano, Garlic and Sea Salt All Purpose Seasoning is a perfect match for your go-to Italian dishes. It’s delicious in pasta sauce, pizza, chicken, veggies and more. Ready for shaking on everything, this pre-mixed blend takes all the flavors you love from the Mediterranean and puts them in one convenient bottle. Featuring sea salt, garlic, bell peppers and real McCormick herbs and spices, including basil and oregano, it’s sure to boost the flavor of your Italian recipes. Use when preparing bruschetta, lasagna, Chicken Parmesan or vinaigrettes. You’ll be reaching for this classic seasoning blend in the kitchen and at the table so we recommend stocking up and keeping an extra jar in your pantry!

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