Mam Papauls Cake & Frosting Mix, Lemon Velvet

Includes European buttercream frosting mix. Comments or questions? Call 1-800-EAT-KJUN (1-800-328-5586) or visit us at for great recipe ideas and other product information. Facebook. YouTube. So many stories of the origins of cakes and pastries recall the days of the Belle Epoque, with all its sophistication and style. Often times these recipes are lost through the generations but not this time! My grandmother - Mam Papaul - was not a lady of high society. How she came upon these recipes remains a family mystery and a perpetual favorite. Bake them with love for your family and friends while enjoying a piping hot cup of Cafe au Lait. - Nancy Wilsan, Founder, Mam Papaul's.

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