Luzianne® Jambalaya Dinner Kit 8 oz. Box

Rice, vegetables & Cajun seasonings. Add chicken, seafood or meat. Now! Separate pepper packets lets you season to taste. Cajun Creole foods. You can turn ordinary chicken, meat, or seafood into exciting meals easily with Luzianne Cajun and Creole Dinners. Each dinner is a blend of rice, authentic Cajun or Creole seasonings and chopped vegetables. All you do is add your own chicken, meat or seafood, simmer for 25 minutes, and serve. Here in Louisiana, we often add 3 or 4 things at one time (it's a great way to use leftovers!). There's a separate red pepper packet to add Cajun spice to suit your taste. Pronounced jumbuh-lie-yuh, is seasoned rice combined with meat, seafood or poultry. Luzianne Cajun and Creole dinners are made from time-tested recipes prepared by New Orleans experts. Let Luzianne feed your family - we've been making Louisiana food and beverage products since 1903. For more information and menu ideas, write: Luzianne Cajun Creole Foods, 640 Magazine, New Orleans, LA 70130. Our Cajun and Creole products are made with care and Louisiana expertise, and we unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction.

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