Kt Tape Sports Tape, Elastic, Hero Pink, 10 Inch Precut Strips 14 Ea

Kinesiology therapeutic tape. Endorsed by gold medalist Kerri Walsh. Synthetic elastic sports tape for pain relief and support (Not clinically proven for all applications). Play harder. For Common Injuries (Not clinically proven for all applications): carpal tunnel; hamstring strain; wrist pain; runner's knee; neck strain; calf strain; shoulder pain; achilles tendonitis; tennis elbow; plantar fasciitis; golfer's elbow; shin splints; rib pain; ankle sprain; gluteus pain; quad strain. Join the Community: KT: kttape.com/forum; Facebook: facebook.com/kttape; Twitter: twitter.com/kttape. Watch the Videos: kttape.com/instructions. Cotton or synthetic? Cotton: comfortable to wear; 1-3 days of wear; good level of support. Synthetic: comfortable to wear; 4-7 days of wear; best level of support; reflective safety print; protective case; water resistant. www.kttape.com. CE listed. Made in China.

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