Konriko Seasoning, All Purpose, Jalapeno, Hot 'n Spicy

A masterful blend of spices that makes every meal a celebration. Contains no MSG, sugar or artificial ingredients. Konriko brand Jalapeno All Purpose Seasoning makes every meal a celebration. In the colorful Acadian country of South Louisiana, where life itself is a celebration, food is expected to bring its own zest to the party. It's a special culinary heritage born out of the love of fine food. Our new Jalapeno All Purpose Seasoning is a masterful blend of salt, jalapeno peppers, garlic, black pepper, and other spices designed to enhance the flavor of seafood, beef, pork, poultry, wild game and vegetables, well beyond their ordinary limitations. Try sprinkling a little Jalapeno Seasoning on your eggs, bloody Mary or popcorn. Tastes great on burritos, tacos, redbeans and rice or pizza. Adds extra zest to guacamole or salsa. Our Konriko family especially enjoys it on our Konriko Quick-Cook Black Bean Soup. Try it tonight. How to enjoy Jalapeno All Purpose Seasoning: Use it with no limitations - on any type of food - whenever you like. Simply use it like salt - in cooking and at the table. When the salty taste suits you, the seasoning is perfect. Jalapeno Seasoning is especially good in barbecuing. Just season, then refrigerate the meat for one hour before cooking.

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