Dl Jardines Salsa, Habanero, Xxx Hot 16 Oz

Special edition. All natural. Texas ranch recipes. Sure, our special habanero salsa recipe is on the seriously hot side. However, as usual, we haven't forgotten how important it is not to overpower the garden fresh flavor of a genuine Texas salsa. For chip dippin' or as a condiment over your favorite food or as a zesty addition to your favorite recipes, D.L. Jardine's habanero salsa is the one for serious salsa lovers - Texas style. Traveling through Texas? We would love to have you stop by for a visit. For detailed directions to the Jardine 7J Ranch, additional information or to relay comments, give us a call here in the Heart of Texas at 1-800-544-1880 - The Jardine Outfit. The genuine article. Made only in Texas. Product of USA.

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