Truly Indian Aloo Matar Curried Potatoes & Green Peas

India's premium choice. An authentic vegetable dish from Northern India made with potatoes and green peas in a delicious medium-hot sauce. Ready in 2 minutes. Suitable for vegetarians. All natural ingredients. Medium. Aloo Matar is a mouth watering medium-hot dish, from Northern India. Green peas and potatoes mixed with a rich sauce to make an excellent meal when served with rice, or as a vegetable accompaniment to any Indian meal. It can also be eaten as a quick snack with Pita or Naan bread. Try the truly Indian complete range of authentic dishes. The truly Indian Heritage: Truly Indian, India's food ambassador to the world, brings you a complete range if Indian ready-to-eat delicacies. Each recipe has been developed by master chefs to bring out the rich aromatic flavors that hail from India. Great care and meticulous detail go into the preparation of each recipe. When it comes to Indian cuisine, Truly Indian is the paragon of authenticity. For comments or suggestions, please call 1-888-470-0626. Product of India.

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