Patak's Original Complete Meals Potato & Spinach Curry with Rice

Complete meals. An authentic Indian recipe. Tastes of India. All natural. Microwavable - 90 seconds. Free from artificial colors, flavors & preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. No MSG. At the base of the majestic Himalayas lies the beautiful city of Chandigargh. In the cooler air of the evening, young college students visit Night Food Street. Stalls are set out between the hours of dusk and dawn to offer all kinds of foods at affordable prices. The air is thick with the smell of frying spices and a local favorite is Aloo Palak; a hearty and healthful potato and spinach curry, flavored with smoked chili and fennel seeds. Discover the taste of India. Inspired by these traditional cooking techniques and flavors, we've made it easy to experience delicious, authentic cuisine from the diverse regions of India. The meals are slow cooked in the sealed tray without any preservatives and offer an authentic Indian meal in a convenient package. Contact us at 100% recycled paperboard. Made in the USA.

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