Annie Chuns Sushi Wraps, Sticky White Rice

All natural Asian cuisine. Includes wraps, rice bowl, and soy sauce. Makes 12 pieces. Microwave in one minute. 100% natural. Dear Friends, Now you can make great tasting, fresh sushi in minutes. With my fun Sushi Wraps, you just heat the rice, pat it into the seaweed strips (aka nori), and get rolling. Add a few leftovers or your favorite fillings - smoked salmon, crisp veggies, string cheese, anything you like - you're the chef! Wrap it your way! Enjoy Sushi Wraps as a meal or quick snack at home or work. Just heat and fill with anything that tastes good with rice. Great to share with friends. Kids love it too. Try filling with: cucumber; carrot; avocado; egg & bacon; salmon; turkey; sausage; cheese & pesto; bell pepper. Tip: Great for camping. Made with CJ Rice. I have always sought out the best possible ingredients for my customers. That's why I have partnered with CJ, Korea's leading food company and creator of this fresh-steamed rice, to bring you the freshest, best tasting heat-and-eat rice. - Annie. No MSG. Product of Korea.

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