Ortega® Good Grains White Corn & Chia Seeds Shells Taco Kit 12 pc Box

See nutrition information for sodium content. New. Kit Includes: 10 white corn & chia seeds shells; 40% less sodium taco seasoning than our taco seasoning (Sodium content in the 40% less sodium taco seasoning has been lowered from 430 mg to 260 mg per serving compared to our original taco seasoning); taco seasoning; mild taco sauce. Just add meat and toppings. Ortega Good Grains Taco Shells bring a distinct blend of flavors and goodness to your Mexican meal. www.ortega.com. Twitter. Facebook. For more Ortega family recipes visit us at www.ortega.com. Questions or comments? Call 1-800-813-2418 or visit www.ortega.com. Try both of our Ortega Good Grains Taco Kits!

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