Jardines 7J Salsa Chipotle Medium

Big flavor. Small-batch made. Soulful salsa from South of Austin. The spirit of Buda TX. Here at Jardines, much of our south-of-Austin soul comes straight from the Spirit of Buda, a wise old chuck wagon cook with a trail rider's heart and a chef's palate. Because of him, we've been creating funky-fresh flavors rooted in the heritage of South Texas for years. If there's one ingredient on earth that the Spirit of Buda favored over others, it's chipotle (which is just a fancier name for smoked jalapeno). It's a bold, robust flavor that plays as well on its own as it does with others, so we blended it with ripe tomatoes and dedicated an entire salsa variety to it. Bursting at the seams with mouthwatering smokiness, Chuckwagon Chipotle is a complex salsa that goes down easy. www.jardinefoods.com. Product of USA.

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