67% more fiber (when compared to original toast). 35 cal per toast. All natural. Eat healthy. Feel better. Bauducco presents our new toast, Multi-Grain. Made with a selection of fiber-rich ingredients, it can be enjoyed for breakfast or an afternoon snack. Multi-grain is light, tasty and has the nutritional properties that match a healthy and balanced life. Learn more about each of the grains below. Quinoa: Contains no gluten, is low in fat an high in fiber and protein. Barley: Rich in protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals. Rye: Powerful source of fiber, makes you feel satisfied. Whole Wheat: Rich in fibers that enhance the digestive system. Linseed: Source of fiber and good fat. Oats: Source of soluble fiber in the diet that help to lower cholesterol. Sesame: Rich in fiber and antioxidants. The properties and nutritional benefits of whole grains mentioned are for information purposes only. The amount of grains added to the multigrain toast does not guarantee the benefits mentioned above. www.bauducco. Made in Brazil.

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