Village Harvest Long Grain Fragrant Rice Jasmine

Village Harvest™ Long Grain Fragrant Rice Jasmine. Taste the difference. Authentic Thai. Thai Hom Mali rice. Thailand's best grade. Ahhhhhthenticity. Taste the difference. Taste the difference of rice grown in its natural environment. Native soils and climates affect its taste, scent and texture. Because we appreciate these differences, village harvest travels the world to bring the most authentic, premium rice to your table. Monsoon rains and rich soil produce the soft, moist texture of village harvest jasmine rice. The natural sweet fragrance is released upon opening every bag. While it's most often used in Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese recipes, this versatile long grain is perfect for any meal. Graded Thai Horn Mali, the highest quality by the Thai government, the moisture, natural fragrance and slightly sweet flavor of this jasmine rice is exactly as it should be. For more recipes, visit

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