KA-ME Pad Thai Noodle Box

Thai noodles with pad thai sauce, mushrooms and baby corn. Heat & serve. Ready in 2 minutes. Ka-Me products meet or exceed all US regulatory requirements. Celebrating the tastes of Asia. Ka-Me means turtle in Japanese, and is a symbol of the permanence of traditions in our approach to Asian food. For over 30 years, we've explored the cuisines of Asia, seeking authentic foods and seasonings from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea. Ka-Me is honored to offer a complete line of snacks, ingredients and ready-to-eat products, selected from the finest ingredients and recipes that Asia has to offer. Find recipes and learn more about authentic Ka-Me Asian foods at kame.com. Authentic Thai Recipe: Imagine yourself in bustling Bangkok, surrounded by the captivating aromas of sweet and spicy cooking and visions of fresh noodles. Traditional Thai cuisine was literally fit for a king, using expensive spices and fresh ingredients favored by the royal court of Siam. Experience a taste of Thailand's culinary heritage - Pad Thai - in just two minutes, a convenience any culture can appreciate. Serving Suggestions: Sprinkle with lime juice and garnish with cilantro. Serve with stir-fried chicken, beef or seafood. Product of Thailand.

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