Ka Me Hokkien Noodles, Teriyaki

Hokkien noodles with teriyaki sauce, carrots and sesame seeds. Mix, heat and serve! Ready in 2 minutes. No water needed. Authentic; Premium; Traditional. The Orient has a rich heritage of symbols and folklore. Ka-Me (Kah-May) translated, means turtle. According to Japanese legend, the turtle signifies a long and happy life, and longevity flows from native ingredients. Traditional Asian food is simple, drawing from local spices and healthful ingredients. Asian cuisine reveals a premium quality that can only come from authenticity. Ka-Me will delight you with an authentic taste of Asia. Convenient Pan Asian Cuisine: Ka-Me continually explores the cuisines of Asia for traditional ingredients once found only in small Asian groceries. For more than 30 years, Ka-Me has represented the finest in Pan Asian cooking with premium products that make it easy to prepare truly authentic and delicious Asian dishes. Authentic Japanese Recipe: Sweet, salty, tangy, teriyaki is the quintessential Japanese sauce, a sophisticated blend of shoyu, natural oils, garlic, rice vinegar, and spices. Modern Japanese cuisine emerged in the 18th century, initiated by Japanese wealthy merchant class that introduced innovative, elegantly presented dishes in restaurants. This trend spread to noodle snack shops and the working class, creating a national cooking fashion. Ka-Me - The Pan Asian experience. Fresh-pack vegetables and noodles, authentic sauces, premium Ingredients - that's why Ka-Me's teriyaki noodle dish tastes so great. And what could be easier! Just two pouches. Mix, heat and serve right in the box or with your favorite entree. Ka-Me brings the traditional appeal of Malaysian cuisine, with peanut sauce, peanuts and bamboo shoots, to your table in just two minutes. Suitable for vegetarians. Product of Thailand.

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