Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce 185 ml

Crushed scotch bonnet pepper sauce, extra hot and fiery use with discretion. In the 19th century, Jamaican bushas would celebrate their prowess in the saddle by lavish entertaining when they would vie with one another to see whose cook could serve the hottest dishes. Busha brownies authentic (pukka) hot pepper sauce and in the preparation of traditional hot dishes. Hot dishes. Today, pukka pepper sauce also has special application to creole and cajun cooking. Made from fragrant fresh Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers. This sauce gives that extra spicy fillip to steak, chicken, fish and soup dishes. But be warned. It is very hot and not for the fainthearted. www.bushabrowne.com. Visit us at www.bushabrowne.com. Product of Jamaica.

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