Energizer Batteries, Lithium, Aaa 4 Ea

1.5V lithium. More power (vs Energizer Max in high-drain devices) for the devices you rely on. Holds power (shelf life) up to 12 years. Up to 6X longer (in digital cameras vs Energizer Max) lasting. Less (use less batteries, create less waste) waste. That's positive energy. More (vs. Energizer Max not valid in low drain applications) power for the devices you rely on. MP3 player. 2 way radio. Video recorders. Cameras. For more information Energizer.com/Advanced. World's longest lasting AA & AAA batteries in high-tech devices. Lasts up to 6X longer (vs Energizer Max, results vary by camera) in digital cameras. Guarantee: We will repair or replace, at our option, any device damaged by these Energizer batteries. Guarantee void if batteries are charged by user or device. Contact 1-800-383-7323. Questions or comments? 1-800-383-7323. Made in Singapore.

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