Fujifilm QuickSnap Camera, One-Time Use, Waterproof, 27 Exposures

Great for outdoor activities - swimming, biking, skiing! Compact. Simple. Made for life. Get sharp, brilliant pictures - even underwater! The perfect camera for the beach, stream, field and slopes. Sealed case protects the camera from water, humidity, dust, dirt and sand. www.fujifilm.com. Photofinishers are encouraged to send this camera to Fujifilm for recycling. Waterproof 35 ft (10 m). 800 film. Notice: If this product is found defective our liability will be limited to equivalent replacement or refund of the purchase price. Except for such replacement, this product is sold without warranty, express or implied, even though damage, defect or loss is caused by negligence or other fault. Do not drop. Avoid extreme storage conditions. Lighting conditions at 35 ft (10 m) deep may not be acceptable for quality picture taking. Fujifilm recommends quality picture taking at 17 ft (5 m) deep or less. Camera assembled in the USA from imported and domestic components.

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