Feit Electric Ecobulb Plus Light Bulb, Floodlight, Soft White, 23 Watts

120 watt equivalent uses only 23 watts. Lasts up to 9 years (based on normal household use of 3 hours per day, this bulb lasts up to 9 years). Energy star. 120 volt. Light Output: 1300 lumens. Energy Used: 23 watts. Life: 10,000 hours. Soft White: 2700 degrees K. 120 watts = 23 watts. 1210 lumens = 1300 lumens. RoHS compliant - better for the environment. Lead free outer glass. Lead free glass. Reduced mercury content. Lead free PC board wave soldering. Lead free solder at base. The Ecobulb Plus difference: All components that make up Ecobulb Plus CFLs have been independently tested to reduce/restrict hazardous materials such as cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBBs, and PBDEs. The low mercury content is also solid (amalgum) instead of liquid. These bulbs are RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) which makes them safer and more earth-friendly than standard CFLs. Common Applications: recessed cans; security outdoor. Can be used in high temperature applications such as insulated ceiling airtight recessed can fixtures (ICAT). Not recommended with motion detectors or photocontrols. Do not use with dimmers. Slight warm up time needed to reach full brightness. Incorrect use may reduce bulb life expectancy. Proper CFL usage: Covered reflector twist CFLs are best suited for fixtures that are left on for 15 or more minutes at a time. They last longest in dry fixtures that allow airflow. They are commonly used for indoor track and recessed lighting where they distribute light to task areas more evenly than uncovered twist CFLs. Standard CFLs are not meant for dimmers or in areas that are exposed to weather, so only use specially labeled CFLs with these applications. Save $116 in energy per bulb based on using a 120 watt bulb at 12 cents per kWh. Color Temperature: 2700 degrees K. UL listed. To save energy costs, find the bulbs with the light output you need then choose one with the lowest watts. UL listed. Made in China.

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