GE Surge Protector, 3 Outlet, with USB Charging

3 standard outlets + 2 charging USB ports. Protection Rating: 800 joules. Good. Protect your electronics and charge your portable devices - iPhone, smartphone, eReader, camera and more! 2 USB charging ports - Charge two USB devices directly from the power source! Adapter-spaced outlet - For bulky power adapters. Twist-lock safety covers - Keep unused outlets closed. 2.5 ft./0.76 m cord. Grounded (3-wire). C/UL/US listed. Features: 3 protected outlets; 2.5 ft (0.7 m) power cord; 2 USB charging ports - power/charge your portable devices; Twist-to-lock Outlet Safety Covers - keep unused outlets closed; Integrated Circuit Breaker - for overload protection; Automatic Shutdown Technology with Surge Protection Indication - in the event that the protection capacity is exceeded by a power surge or the protection components expire, the indicator light will not be lit and the power will be permanently shutdown to the outlets, ensuring surge protection for your electronic equipment. For limited lifetime warranty and instructions, see insert inside. Note: If the indicator light goes out, this unit will not longer provide surge protection as intended and should be replaced. This device is not a lightning arrestor, so it will not afford protection when lighting strikes nearby power lines, the house, service entrance or antenna. Note: USB charging ports may not charge all devices. Some devices require a proprietary USB power supply. Specifications: Electrical Rating: 120V, 60Hz, 1800 Watts; Maximum Energy Dissipation: 800 joules; Maximum Surge Voltage: 6000 volts; Maximum Spike Current 30,000A; Voltage Protection Rating: 500V (L-N, L-G, N-G); EMI/RFI Attenuation (up to): 40dB; EMI/RFI Frequency Range: 100K-100MHz; Nominal Discharge Current (in): 3KA; MCOV: 127 Vac; USB Charging Ports: 1.0A total output. This Jasco product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Visit for details. C/UL/US listed. Made in China.

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