GE Surge Protector, Advanced, 6 Outlets

Ideal for computers, modems, routers and peripherals. $15,000 equipment guarantee. 1170 joules. A higher joule rating means a higher protection level. 1 ground/fax/modem line. Ground indicator light. Surge protection indication light. Protection for phone/fax/modem line. 4-ft, 3-wire SJT 14 AWG cord. UL listed. Printer. Computer. Modem. Router. Features: 6 standard 3-wire grounding outlets - spaced for standard plugs. 4-ft, 3-wire SJT 14 AWG cord. 1 phone/fax/modem line - protect your phone line from power surges up to certain level. Surge protection indicator light - know at a glance that your surge protector is functioning. Ground indicator light - shows grounding status of wall receptacle. Surge protection indication - in the event that the protection capacity is exceeded by a power surge, either the indicator light(s) will not be lit or the power will be permanently shutdown to the outlets, ensuring surge protection for your electric equipment. On/Off switch - includes integrated circuit breaker for overload protection. Keyhole slots for wall mounting the surge protector. For limited lifetime warranty, connected equipment warranty and instructions, see insert inside. Note: If any indicator light goes out, this unit will no longer provide surge protection as intended and should be replaced. This device is not a lightning arrestor, so it will not afford protection when lightning strikes nearby power lines, the house, service entrance or antenna. Specifications: Electrical Rating: 125V, 15A, 1875 watts; Maximum Energy Dissipation: 1170 joules; Maximum Surge Voltage: 6000 volts; Maximum Spike Current: 48,000 Amps (H-N); UL 1449 Clamping Voltage: 330 volts; Response Time: Less than one billionth of a second; Meets UL 497A phone line specifications. Made in China.

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