Scotch Fur Fighter Refill Sheets, for Upholstery

3.8 x 7 inches each. Amazing results - removes embedded pet hair! You love your pets, but not the hair they leave behind. Wouldn't you like a simple, effective way to keep your furniture free from pet hair? Shake paws with the Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Remover - a breakthrough solution in the never-ending battle against pet hair. The Scotch Fur Fighter sheets use Microtrap Grippers, thousands of soft rubber fingers, specially designed to grip and trap pet hair embedded in your upholstery. Remove embedded pet hair that vacuum cleaners leave behind. Pick up over 3 times more pet hair than a lint roller. Toss dander that may cause allergic reactions. No more fetching the vacuum. The Scotch Fur Fighting Hair Remover is so fast & easy, it just may become your second best friend! Made in USA.

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