A Get Ready! Book. Learning the differences between shapes is an important math skill. This colorful workbook offers a variety of enjoyable activities that introduce the names and characteristics of five basic shapes. For more practice choose these related School Zone products: Counting 1-10; Uppercase Alphabet; Colors. Parent Guide: School Zone's Get Ready! workbooks focus on essential preschool and kindergarten skills - the ones that help children learn to read and do math easily and naturally. Colorful, humorous illustrations motivate children to enjoy each activity. With a pencil or crayons, and perhaps just a bit of coaching from you, your child will work and learn for many happy hours. Review, reinforce & accelerate learning! All School Zone products are developed by skilled educators to provide the highest quality, up-to-date curriculum possible. Workbooks - Top-quality content, clear directions, and full-color illustrations make School Zone workbooks the best choice. These workbooks cover essential curriculum from preschool through sixth grade. Made in the USA.

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