An I Know It! Book. All readers can use phonics, the relationship between letters and sounds, to gain meaning from print. This workbook teaches the essential phonics skills children require to become successful readers and spellers. Skills include long and short vowel sounds, blends and combinations sounds, silent e, and more. Skills Include: Compound Words; Long Vowel Sounds; Silent e; Prefixes & Suffixes; Short Vowel Sounds; Combinations Sounds. Parent Guide: School Zone's I Know It! reading workbooks are developed by teachers to support reading and phonics goals and objectives at each grade. Since this workbook is sequential, encourage your child to proceed from beginning to end. Use School Zone workbooks from a previous grade if your child needs extra help or review. For enrichment or challenge, move ahead a grade or two. School Zone workbooks are developed by educators to complement the curriculum at each grade. Workbooks are an effective way for parents to help their child review, practice and master important skills. Look for other School Zone workbooks for children in second and third grade. Review, reinforce & accelerate learning! All School Zone products are developed by skilled educators to provide the highest quality, up-to-date curriculum possible. Workbooks - Top-quality content, clear directions, and full-color illustrations make School Zone workbooks the best choice. These workbooks cover essential curriculum from preschool through sixth grade. Made in the USA.

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