If You Care Cheesecloth 1 Ea

Quality with integrity. The natural, ideal solution for so many household uses. Straining; cooking; basting; polishing. 100% organic unbleached cotton. Won't affect taste or quality of food. Lint-free. Oven safe up to 450 degrees F / 230 degrees C. Microwave safe. Sponge cloths. Healthy home. Healthy planet. Healthy you. Those are big promises, but you can't have one without the others, so here's our thinking. Like it or not, we are all intimately connected within our world. Choices we make affect us all, even the choice of cheesecloth. If you care about your choices, so do we. And when we care, we all benefit. Our cheesecloth is a versatile natural product that is perfect for cooking, basting and straining as well as for polishing and use as a bath scrub! Made from organic cotton fiber, it is unbleached to help reduce the amount of chlorine that is dumped into our lakes, rivers and streams. If You Care Cheesecloth will not affect the taste or quality of food, and best of all, it is reusable. Just rinse and dry and then run it under cold water before using again. USDA Certified Biobased Product: Product 100%. Product Lifecycle: Choosing Our Materials: Organic unbleached cotton. Unbleached cardboard. Supporting Our World: No chlorine. No toxins. Minimum waste. Caring for Your Home: Perfect for cooking, basting, straining, polishing and more. May be boiled or used in microwaves. No effect on taste or quality of food. Completing the Cycle: Cheesecloth: Certified compostable in municipal or commercial compost facilities where available.

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