Marcal Paper Towels, Maxi Roll, 2 Ply 2 Ea

11 In x 5.7 in. 140 sheets. Kinder to the environment. 80% post-consumer content. Manufactured without chlorine bleaching. Virtually lint free. Hypoallergenic. Strong & absorbent. With U-size-it sheets. Dear Friends, In doing our part to help preserve the Earth's precious resources for future generations, we at Marcal are dedicated to developing new technologies to constantly improve all aspects of our recycling and paper making process. Sunrise 100% premium recycled products are manufactured with 100% recycled fiber, they're safely bleached without chlorine and our products favorably compare in quality and performance to similarly priced products that are made from virgin fiber. We are confident that our hypoallergenic and virtually lint free environmental products will meet or exceed all of your needs. At Marcal, we are always concerned about producing higher quality, better performing products that deliver value to all who care about the future of their families and the Earth's environment. Marcal products: A great value with the right values. Thanks for purchasing Sunrise by Marcal and sharing in our concerns for the Earth's resources. Sincerely, Marcal Paper Mills. By manufacturing 100% recycled products, Marcal saves the following Earth's resources each and every day: 6000 Trees; 2 million gallons of water; 22,000 pounds of air pollution; 140,000 gallons of oil; 30,000 cubic feet of landfill space. Americans dispose of 180 million tons of garbage each year. More than 72 million tons of this is paper. The amount of office and writing paper disposed of annually can build a wall 12 feet high stretching from New York to Los Angeles. Marcal Paper Mills has developed recycling programs with hundreds of communities to turn their collected paper into 100% premium recycled tissue products. Each year Marcal recycles enough magazines, catalogs and other papers to fill a line of trucks over 100 miles long! Proudly made in the USA.

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