Small Steps® Soft & Strong 2 Ply White Hypoallergenic Facial Tissue 144 Ct Box

A small company making a big difference! We believe you shouldn't have to pay more for a quality product that's good for the environment. A friend to trees since 1950. we've been committed to making environmentally friendly paper products since 1950. in fact, since 2000, we've saved over 20 million trees. Works great & budget friendly. Every one of our small steps® products--paper towels, napkins, facial and bath tissue--is made from 100% premium recycled paper, never trees... With the strength, absorbency, softness and value you want for your family. Small steps® can make a big difference. Help save 1 million trees*. Unlike the major paper companies, all of our tissue products are made from paper you recycle at your home or office, as well as printer overruns. In fact, most individuals who recycle don't even know they've been helping us! Thank you for making a difference. Help save 1 million trees. Join the marcal® movement. Switch to marcal® small steps® and get your family and friends to do the same. *Our goal is to get every household in america to switch to any marcal® small steps® product just once this week... And together, we can save over 1 million trees. Who knew being green could be so easy? Environmental facts: premium recycled paper content, 100%; new trees used, 0%; chlorine bleaching for whitening, 0%; added fragrances or dyes, 0%; products that are virtually lint free, 100%; quality performance, 100%, recycling since 1950, 60 years. What's in your paper products? Try our entire line of towels, bath tissue, napkins & facial tissue. 100% premium recycled Saving trees since 1950 A small, easy step to a greener earth® You can help save 1 million trees*

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