Vanity Fair® Everyday Paper Napkins, Mega Pack, 300ct.

Vanity Fair® Everyday 2-Ply Napkins Mega Pack. Quality since 1958. Ideal for everyday meals & snacks. Soft to the touch. 2-ply 165.1 sq in (1.065.1cm2) 13 X 12.7 in (33cm X 32.3cm). Add a special touch to any meal with Vanity Fair® everyday napkins. Featuring a smooth, cloth-like texture, our 2-ply napkins are perfect for anything from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. Make the most of everyday meals with these simple tips: When serving fun foods like chicken fingers, macaroni and cheese, and popcorn, keep Vanity Fair® napkins handy so your little ones can keep their fingers clean. Next time you serve a loaf of bread, place It in a basket lined with a Vanity Fair® napkin. It's a simple way to add a finishing touch that makes meal time a little more special. Visit for more tips. Vanity Fair® is also available in 3-ply Impressions® napkins, 2-ply beverage napkins, plates, bowls, and tablecovers. Manufactured in the United States with domestic and foreign raw materials. If you have any questions or comments, call us toll-free at 1-800-2TELLGP/1-800-283-5547. Please have wrapper available. Visit our website: ©2013 Georgia Pacific Consumer Products LP. All rights reserved. Vanity Fair, the Shell Emboss, and Impressions are trademarks of Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP.

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