Oxi Clean Laundry Brightener & Stain Remover, Color Boost, Fresh Scent 66 Fl Oz

Double down on your clothes cleaning power with OxiClean Color Boost Laundry Brightener and Stain Remover! This detergent booster’s oxygen-based water-activated formula helps you enjoy bright, vibrant colors and helps keep your clothes looking newer longer. Now you can harnesses the power of oxygen to brighten colors and tackle tough stains with America’s #1 stain remover additive brand (1). OxiClean Color Boost’s color-safe brighteners help keep clothes looking radiant, while the power of OxiClean removes tough stains — and with color safe bleach! To pretreat stains, pour OxiClean Color Boost directly onto the stain and rub gently, wait five to ten minutes (avoid drying), then wash with laundry detergent, following label directions. For brighter colors and to help remove stains in every load, add OxiClean Color Boost with your detergent before adding clothes. For HE Machines, add with your HE detergent. Includes one 45 oz bottle of OxiClean Color Boost Laundry Brightener and Stain Remover Liquid Fresh Scent. From stain and odor removers to household cleaners and much more, OxiClean offers a product to fit your needs. (1) Based on units sold.

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