Tide Tide Clean Boost Fabric Rinse, 48 Fl Oz, Original 48 Fl Oz

New Tide Clean Boost Fabric Rinse removes 3X trapped odors & residues from your laundry vs. detergent alone*. Tide Rinse has a unique low pH solution that breaks down residues from clothes that detergent alone can't remove. Use in addition to your favorite detergent to transform your rinse cycle into an extra clean cycle. Tide Clean Boost with Original Scent provides light freshness that is gentle on skin with no dyes or heavy perfumes. Enjoy fresh and clean laundry after every wash from America's #1 trusted detergent brand*. *Removes odors and residue in 1 wash better than the leading value detergent in 3 washes. **Voted most trusted laundry brand by American shoppers based on the 2023 BrandSpark American Trust Study.

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