Woolite® Dry Cleaner's Secret® Dry Clean at Home Cloths 6 ct Box

Woolite® Dry Cleaner's Secret® Cleans and Freshens. Fabrics: Acetate; Cashmere; Cotton; Linen; Ramie; Rayon; Silk; Wool...and more. Safely Cares For: Blazers; Blankets (small); Blouses; Dresses; Fine Washables; Knits; Pillows; Scarves & Ties; Skirts; Slacks; Suits; Sweaters; Vests. Not recommended on Fur, Leather, Suede, or Velvet. Dryer Types: Gas and Electric. Affordable Dry Cleaning at Home in Just 20 Minutes 6 Cleaning Cloths Cleans up to 24 Garments Save of $100 on Dry Cleaning*

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