Better Life Naturally Static-Stomping Lavender Grapefruit Dryer Sheets 80 ea

6.4 in x 9 in (16.3 cm x 22.8 cm). Fabric softening. Safer for the mess maker (not the mess). Look forward to laundry day. With every spray, pour, and pump, Better Life proves that the worlds most powerful cleaner can be safe for kids, pets, and the planet. Our natural dryer sheets will soften your most stubborn threads, stomp out static, and leave your laundry smelling naturally amazing. If only they could iron and fold! (We'll work on it). Softens clothes reduces static. Safer for sensitive skin. No animal products. A non-toxic friendship. Vegetable-derived softening agents. Unbleached paper. 100% Natural scent from lavender, lavandin, grapefruit, bergamot, and orange oils. No animal products, alcohol, bleach, dyes, synthetic fragrances, chlorine, chloroform, phosphates, or phthalates. Just the good stuff. Cruelty free. This box is made from 100% recycled paper (Minimum 35% post-consumer content). Please recycle me. I want to come back as a greeting card. Made in the USA.

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