OxiClean™ Lemon Clean Dishwasher Detergent Paks 41 ct Plastic Tub

Crystal clean shine! 4X concentrated (Use less per load vs. leading gel or powder) extreme power crystals. Unleash the power of Oxi Clean. No more pre-washing! Removes stuck-on food. Eliminates tough stains. Helps prevent film & spots. Cleaning so powerful, one pak eliminates even: Toughest stains; Stuck-on food; Cloudy film and odors! 1 pak = 1 load. Contains no phosphate. Safe for septic tanks. Satisfaction guaranteed! Questions? Ingredients? Call 1-800-781-7529 M-F from 9AM-5PM ET or visit www.oxiclean.com. Made in the USA. Made with US and foreign ingredients.

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