Finish Automatic Dishwasher Detergent, Power, Tabs 62 ea

No. 1 World's recommended brand recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide (More dishwasher brands recommend Finish products worldwide than any other brand. Recommendations as part of co-marketing agreements). Save water. No pre-rinse needed. Add for drier dishes (when used together) + for cleaner machine. New. 62 tabs. Deep clean. Sparkling shine. Wrapper-free, with water-soluble film. Finish Power, for a deep clean and sparkling shine 1st time, every time. Its compact 3-chamber chemistry is effective at breaking down all types of food residues - even without pre-rinsing, With 25% less chemical weight than Finish's traditional pressed power tablets. (Vs. Finish Classic). Nothing but dishwashing expertise inside. Free from chlorine bleach. Clean & shine - Sodium percarbonate releases active oxygen to hygienically clean. C12-C15 alcohols ethoxylated propoxylated cuts grease & boosts shine. Protease enzyme, amylase enzyme breaks down protein & starch based stains. For care & protection of dishes & machines - Tetrasodium etidronate enhances shine. Sodium citrate softens water. Helps - Fragrance burst of freshness. Colorant gives color to the tablet. Polyvinyl alcohol water soluble film. Contains less than 0.5% phosphorus by weight. Our commitment to the future. As a brand committed to conserving water, Finish also works hard to minimize the environmental footprint of our products and packaging.

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