Uh-Oh Stain and Odor Remover

Pet & people stains. Food & drink stain. Urine & feces. For use on carpets, fabrics, upholstery and hard surfaces. Non-toxic. Biodegradable. Green formulation. Biodegrable surfactants. Neutral ph. No nonylphenols. No chlorine bleach. Nontoxic formula. No dye. Pet urine. Feces. Dirt. Vomit. Blood. Food & drink stains. Wine stains. Safe for use around children and pets, when used as directed. Nonstop cleaning - How it Works: Action1 (Immediate Cleaning): a superior earth friendly chemical formulation provides immediate cleaning and immediate odor control. Odors are not just covered by a fragrance, but are actually neutralized by an advanced odor control technology. Action 2 (Long Term Cleaning): then the advanced microcleaners provide long term deep cleaning into pores, crevices, carpet padding and other hard to clean areas by attacking soil and grime until it is dissolved. Action 3 (Nonstop Cleaning): the advanced microcleaners clean continuously by deactivating when the soil is gone and reactivating if the area is resoiled. This continuous deep cleaning action provides long term of stains and odors and makes future cleanings easier. Pine Glo. A family owned company. As seen on tv. Advanced microcleaners keeps cleaning after you stop!. Revolutionary: Features advanced microcleaners that keep cleaning long after the stain is gone, ensuring that the odor stays gone too. If the area is soiled again, Uh-Oh! provides nonstop cleaning action by reactivating and cleaning again, making future cleanings easier!. Eco-friendly: Non-toxic, biodegradable and cruelty free with a superior earth friendly formula. Safe for use around children and pets. Versatile: Immediately cleans stains and removes odors from you carpets, upholstery, fabrics and hard surfaces. Removes per urine, feces, dirt, vomit, blood, food and drink stains, wine stains and so much more! The carpet and rug institute. Seal of approval. Carpet rug org. pinegloproducts.com. www.pinegloproducts.com. Made in USA.

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