Rid-x® Dual Action Cling Spring Waterfall® Septic System Treatment 2 ct Pack

2 Monthly Doses: 2 Blocks: 1 Block: 1.41 oz (40 g); 2 Blocks: 2.82 oz (80 g). Continuous septic maintenance + toilet bowl cleaning. Rid-X Dual Action Septic Provides: Ongoing Septic Maintenance: Releases powerful, 100% natural bacteria and enzymes scientifically proven to break down household waste and paper. Fresh Continuous Cleaning: Activates a gentle foaming cleanser that prevents toilet rings, keeping the bowl clean and smelling fresh. 1 cling contains the active ingredietns in 1 monthly dose of Rid-X for septic tanks between 700 gallons and 1500 gallons (one unit is sufficient for the entire home). For ingredient and other information, www.rbnainfo.com. Made in Poland.

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