Mr Clean Liquid All-Purpose Cleaner with Gain Apple Berry Twist 40 Oz

Clean your home and enjoy the scent of Gain. Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces Liquid Cleaner with Gain scent cuts grease, removes grime and lets you experience your favorite Gain scent as you go. Use it to clean dirt on linoleum as well as tile floors, toilets and bathtubs. Outside, this multi-surface cleaner is perfect for garbage cans, doors and more. No matter the mess, we're sure you'll find that this great performance and great scent combo will make your cleaning routine a little less routine. Powerful multi-surface cleaner that cuts through grease Great for kitchens, bathrooms and other tough jobs A multi-surface cleaner with the power you need to battle even the toughest grime indoors and outdoors; Great for use on sinks, counters, stoves and more! A liquid cleaner with the scent of Apple Berry Twist; Contains no Chlorine, Bleach or Ammonia

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