Holloway House Lemon Oil 16 fl oz

With sun-guard. Over 55 years quality. For fine wood. Moisturizes & preserves tones down scratches & blemishes. A natural oil gives wood a rich glow. No wax. No water. No build-up. Cleans, protects, moisturizes & preserves fine furniture and antiques. Contains sun-guard to keep wood from fading due to sunlight exposure. No build-up formula. Holloway House insists on using only the finest and most carefully selected conditioning oils obtainable, providing premium care for your fine wood for over 55 years. We welcome you to become a part of this classic tradition. Perfect for mahogany, teak, cherry, oak, and all natural woods. Regular use helps prevent cracking and drying. Excellent for removing dust, stains, grease, and giving wood a rich glow. It is also perfect for treating dust cloths. A family owned business.

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