Citrus Magic Air Freshner, Non-Aerosol, Odor Eliminating Citrus

100% natural. Made with organic citrus oil. Destroys smoke odors! Car, home, office. Dissolves odors, naturally! 100% pure & natural citrus air freshener. Citrus Magic works in seconds to dissolve any airborne odor on contact while leaving the air smelling fresh and clean. This unique air fragrance is 100% natural, free of man made chemicals, made solely from fresh citrus fruit and comes in a non-aerosol continuous spray container. The pure concentrated citrus extracts used in Citrus Magic emit exceptionally appealing fragrances that clean and freshen any environment, naturally! 100% active, 100% natural. Citrus Magic lasts at least 4 times longer than ordinary air fresheners! Smoke odors, mildew odors, food odors, musty odors, carpet odors, pet odors, bathrooms, fish odors. In fact, any objectionable odor! Made in the USA.

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